• Jasmine Hussain

Summary of Year 3 so far

Using pictures to summarise the most enjoyable semester of uni so far☺

Amazing sunset during the Firbush Field trip earlier in September! Biggest takeaway: learnt how to windsurf and our course became so much closer :) 

The day we hugged 76 trees to measure their DBH 

Sampling spatial patterns at Ben Lawers and climbed my first munroe!

!!EES class of 2019!!

Topo's Birthday lunch at Chaophraya 

Went up the Scot's monument for the first time!

Lake district with Beverly after the field trip! (post here

Lovely Elaine came to visit from Norway!! *will defo put up a post when I have more time

and also met Nat for dinner who's also on exchange in Norway!!

Delicious smoked tofu with sriracha and peanut sauce at Filament coffee - met Niamph for lunch :) 

Lunch at Saboteur with Topo! Such yummy food!!

Cutie Claire came to visit!!! *also defo putting a post up :) 

Spent a total of 4 hours looking through Sphagnum moss for microorganisms 

Amazing maple-bacon (vegan duh) pancakes at Herbivore Kitchen!!

Amazing beetroot pancakes with mushrooms and spinach also at Herbivore Kitchen!!

My new winter flavoured oatmeal that I'm obsessed with - tumeric, maca, ginger and cinnamon spiced *

Also another thing I've been experimenting with in the kitchen - marinated tofu!! They taste amazing 

Went to London for 3 days to visit Daddy!! This was an amazing aubergine burger at Pride Kitchen 

Had their cinnamon banana bread after which was incredibly yum 

The cafe was at Neal's Yard - one of me fav places

Dad ♥

Tofu scramble sandwich at Kin cafe! 

Look at this amazing spread 

Lovely London!

& Other Stories (love this store)

After a potluck with course mates! 

Tried Pizza express' vegan pizza - 6/10 ☹

Ride at the Christmas market which only comes down once?? No way it's worth the money


Maple bacon donut was incredible!!!

All vegan!!!

Another meaty sandwich!!

The vegan fest was amazing!! It was the simplest thing of not having to check if I could eat something that made me so happpyyyyy !!☺

Not a day goes by that I do not have oatmeal

Skyped these two two weeks in a row ♥

After last-submission pres!! This is a pic of Juan and I fourth-wheeling 


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