• Jasmine Hussain

Summer Summer

So Ms Ong asked Justina if I wanted to be in this piece, Summer Summer, that SBA was performing for Celebration in Dance and I initially declined because I did not think that I'd be able to commit seeing that I had my internship and wanted to meet friends too. She then said oh its ok you can just help out then, and I said sure of course, I'd love to help! Lo and behold, when I went for ballet on a Saturday, Ms Ong asked me to sit and watch the dance, and after the first run, she said ' Ok Jasmine stand here ' (as she pointed to a blank space beside Justina during the starting pose of the dance) and that's when I knew that I had no choice but to be in the dance too hahahahaha (this is Ms Ong's version of help out in the dance) 

Never would I have thought that I would be given the opportunity to dance on the Esplanade Stage again and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity!! It's my favourite theatre in Singapore to perform in and despite the many times where I felt like I was going to die just halfway through the piece and not thinking that I'd be able to perform it without feeling like my heart could not pump any more oxygen through my legs to keep me going, I did enjoy the dance! I loved the music and the choreography and though the journey was not exactly smooth because not everyone had committed an equal amount of time and effort, it was a great experience nonetheless! 


I can't even keep count of how many times we warmed up and cooled down that 8am-8pm day but this was my favourite one where we went backstage and used those industrial trolleys/movers as a barre and class was accompanied by beautiful music that Justina and I had created on Spotify the night before (the artist was Christopher N Hobson) ! It was really my dream come true to be taking class with his music :') 

Delphina! Who is crazy 

Ms Ong!!! :') 

Freda! Who was unexpectedly crazy hahaha

A card I made for Ms Ong! 

Also happy about new friendships formed with this crazy group!

Kai Wei! and I just realized we've performed quite a lot together :)

Elaine, who's a First Artist with SDT but she was previously from SBA too and she may come to visit Edinburgh this winter which is exciting! 

Fam who came to watch! 

Time for me to rest my swollen knee now :'( Really hope its nothing serious and that I can get to exercise soon!!! 

(also Bincs if you're reading this during your lecture, PAY ATTENTION but if not then YAY congrats on surviving your lecture!!)



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