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☾ The dreamy city of Venice ✧

Went to visit my lovely sissy in Italy in the first week of April!! 

The first day I arrived, we were both busy with work/assignments the whole day (I handed mine in at 1:20am in the morning lord) but had to get that done because we were heading to Venice the next morning! 

First thing we did after we arrived was to head to our air bnb, which was so nice but made even nicer by the loveliest and friendliest host! Her name was Monica, and she sat down with us for 15 minutes with a giant map of Venice and gave excellent recommendations of how to get around and where to go! I think what made one day trip so wonderful was the fact that I had zero expectations of the city and therefore everything was good because I had nothing to compare it to. It made such a huge difference to my travel experience and it's something I will definitely keep in mind for future travels :) 

Venice is incredibly beautiful :') 

Monica recommended that we head to a wee town called Burano! It took us about 2.5 hours to get there via 2 boats + waiting times in between but it was worth it. Burano is such a colourful quaint town and Justina mentioned that when you are there, you can't really tell which country you are in (if you get what I mean) - and now looking back at these pictures, I do agree with what she said because Burano is just so different from anything I've seen 

This is my fav VSCO filter M5 hehe

Had this amazing huge vegan pizza for under 10 euros!! and I love that pizzas in Italy (except Milan from what my sister was saying) are thin-crust pizzas!! 

We then headed back to walk around the city of Venice! 

Have to let the pictures do the talking because Venice is really just so dreamy and beautiful 

This was the square of Saint Marc's Basilica, which I would say is the only kinda 'must see' place in Venice. I would highly recommend just not having a plan and exploring the little alleyways and just letting your instincts lead the way!

Beautiful flowers outside a hotel 

Justina and I were just walking along a small street and heard Vivaldi's Winter playing and I commented that it must be a CD playing in some shop but we soon got out of the street and into a huge plaza/square area and found these talented musicians playing the piece!! We stood there for a good 5 minutes listening to their lovely music :')) 

Can you catch the football in the air! 

Cutie dog #1

Cutie dog #2

Cutie dog #3

I found Wally!! 

I found the criminal Wallys!

Being the lovely sister that she is, Justina looked up vegan-friendly restaurants in Venice and we went to Frary's! It served mediterranean food and it was deeeeelicious 

Justina and I then got on a bus back to our air bnb (as our air bnb was in Mestre, which was a town a 30 min bus ride away from Venice City - also Monica recommended that we get the 24 hour transport pass for just 20 euros each but it gave us unlimited access to all forms of transport, which we did utilise a lot). We spent the evening watching Dynasty and quickly fell asleep because we were sooo tired

Look at this amazing breakfast spread prepared by Monica :') We chatted the whole time during breakfast before we parted because Justina and I only spent one day in Venice

After checking out in the morning, Justina and I still had some time to explore the inner city before we hopped on our train to Verona. 

On the right side of this bridge, there was a huge Magnum store and I was really keen on trying hot chocolates here in Italy because they are literally just pure chocolate - and so we headed in to the Magnum store and I got a hot chocolate but with soy milk (so I guess it wasn't the traditional thick Italian hot chocolates) - AND IT WAS SO CREAMY AND DELICIOUS!!! It was so good that Justina and I went back for another one just before we got on our train hehe

Water taxis aka boats are the only mode of transport in Venice and I just thought this was really cute that there was a DHL boat 

Happy girl with her non-fruit flavoured sorbet - Cherry (ok this was fruit but at least not the boring lemon or mango or raspberry) but also Dark Chocolate!! 

 Justina's research then led us to another fully vegan restaurant - La Tecia Vegana for lunch and its appearance put us off a little, but in this case the phrase 'Don't judge a book by its cover' was actually fitting because the food was so unique and incredibly tasting 

This was a yummy vegan lasagne with pretty edible flowers 

This was a walnut ravioli and we had a side of roasted pumpkin as you can see in the background :) 

Next stop, Verona! 



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