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The Past Week

FaceTimed Natalie and Kim!! I was holding up my phone and getting to classes looking like an idiot laughing and talking to a screen but I didn't care!! 

I also decorated my board more! I really want to get fairy lights but I don't know what's counted as cheap/expensive so I think I'll just ask around first before making a purchase!

So after the gym on Wednesday, I headed down to Sainsbury's and got some food - including glorious Avocados! They were quite expensive as they were a pound each but I couldn't resist! They were so delicious :))))

Love the architecture here 

" Architecture is life, Life is architecture " - Jasmine Hussain

Spot the bird

More fall photos!! I absolutely love the transition into fall with all the leaves changing colour! But at the same time, the hours of daylight are significantly getting shorter which is rather depressing :( I woke up at 7:15am and it looked like it was 5am in the morning as it was pitch black!! I was so confused and was even tempted to text my friend just to check if it was really 7 in the morning

Skyped jie too!! :)) I wish I could just teleport back home !! 


There was a Colour Bomb party at Silk that night and basically it had the same concept as the colour run! But what sucked was that we had to go outside the club to get the powder paint ?? So everyone was in a t-shirt and shivering in the 9 degrees cold weather, queueing up (more like in a huge mob) to get sprayed with paint!


I managed to get some colour on me and you can't really see but Niamh behind me was spotless hahahahah

I really missed painting and had such strong feels to paint something on a Saturday morning and so I did! I felt so satisfied and happy after!! 

Aren't these flowers pretty?? They are compound flowers! During our practical sessions for the biology course, we had field trips to the Botanic Gardens twice! It was great finally getting to do something outside of the classroom and not having to get a headache or getting shocked by my spidery looking eyelashes when looking at a microscope for 3 hours.  

I am constantly thinking about how my life would be different if I were to be studying in Singapore. I could imagine myself developing friendships easily where conversations flow smoothly (based solely on the fact that being from the same culture is in itself a common topic) and also being able to see my friends and family on an everyday basis, but I guess that's the perk of studying overseas - that the experience is entirely different and it's literally a whole new world. It's only been 5 weeks since I've been here but many of my friends agree that it feels like we've been at university for such a long time but at the same time it feels like time has passed really quickly?? I can't explain the feeling but that's just how it is. I need to constantly tell myself to think positively and be grateful for the things I already have because I've not been in the bestest of moods lately especially at night when I'm alone in my room :( I miss how comfortable life was in Singapore and I think homesickness is starting to creep up on me day by day ( unfortunately, the weather is not helping ), yet I do not wish that I was back home yet because Edinburgh has got so much to offer and I absolutely love the city!

Note To Self : Keep looking on the bright side and to be thankful for all that I have.

I didn't draw this

Hope that everyone enjoys their October!!

(2 months left till the end of the year! WHAT EVEN)




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