• Jasmine Hussain

The Power inTomorrow

There is something so beautiful in everyday, its a new opportunity to better yourself, to better the life you live. It's like we've been given a gift to start afresh everyday

You can choose to be happier

You can choose to be more productive

You can choose to eat healthier

You can choose to sleep earlier

You can choose to smile to 5 strangers

You can choose to paint

You can choose to be punctual (which is one thing I cannot understand about people who are consistently late) 

You can choose to be a better version of yourself

The possibilities are endless!!

Recently, I found myself being bitter about the choices I have made and stressing out about things that have happened in the past and that I have no control over because it had evidently already happened. But what you can control, is what happens tomorrow! and so why stress over something that you cannot control? That is a major note to self and should be for many others as well!

So the main message is to: Embrace tomorrow as it is a new day and a new chance to love yourself more by being the best version of yourself ! :)

This Maca Nana Bowl from Hula's Juice Bar made me so happy 

It was a blend of frozen bananas and maca powder, topped with granola and berries and a nut butter that I could not identify. But it was all too delicious 

These flowers made me so happy too. If I'm not wrong, they are cherry blossoms? Which I thought were a Japanese flower but I guess not. But they are sooooo pretty :')  

Something else that makes me happy is that the sun sets at only 8pm because Daylight Savings have caused clocks to turn forward for an hour! It still feels rather odd when I go to dinner at 6pm and it's still full on bright and sunny but there's no way I'm complaining about that! 



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