• Jasmine Hussain

Things I've learnt after 2 months of Uni

Things that I've learnt and experienced after 2 months of being  here

1. People say "Hey, how are you" as supposed to "Hello" even though they really just mean hello and are not really curious as to how you are doing

2. People say " cheers " instead of " you are welcome "

3. It's normal go out on every school night and there's a club open every weekday 

4. It's ok if you don't have plans on a Friday night and you just want to stay in your room to do work/have some time to yourself to relax

5. It's ok to be seen eating by yourself, you don't have to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable and to be honest no one really notices anyway

6. Why waste your time hanging out with people who don't make you feel good about yourself, you don't have to force yourself to go out with people who's company you don't enjoy 

7. Be comfortable with saying no 

8. Scottish people are very very very nice 

9. Smile at others more often, they may smile back and that will make a happy moment for the both of you

10. Don't be discouraged if you haven't found a social group that you can truly be yourself with, always keep a positive mindset and hopefully you will meet them soon

11. Always be grateful for the things that you already possess

12. Be comfortable being by yourself. You may be alone but it doesn't mean you're lonely

13. You can eat berries off bushes 

14. It is always better to put on more layers and be able to take them off when you're feeling warm than to wear too few layers and be freezing 

15. "Everything happens for a reason" - I find it hard to place belief in such a statement but I will try my best in doing so

16. Take every experience good or bad as a learning one, you'd never realize how much you can gain from them



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