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Thoughts when our flight was delayed

Mum and I got stuck in Doha for a day

Current state : Sitting on the couch in the hotel room in Doha while mummy is downstairs buying water because tap water here is a big NONO. Even after boiling it, it tastes super weird and we have concluded it to be unsafe. Sigh. I could've been in Edinburgh by now but I guess it's a blessing in disguise that we could experience a different country - though I have already made a decision that I will never ever come here for holiday by what I've seen so far. Just something random, but I was so excited to wear shorts and a sleeveless top which I luckily had packed in my hand carry as it is 34 degreesC here BUT my intelligent mother reminded me that we were in a middle eastern country and women were probably not allowed to wear such - by their definition "skimpy" clothing, and so I went to google the dress code in Qatar and mum was right! Foreigners had to dress conservatively :( This resulted in mum and I wearing long sleeves and jeans in what could possibly be the hottest weather we've experienced. But I must add that what made the weather slightly more bearable was the dryness of the air unlike humid Singapore! So basically why we ended up having to stay in Doha was due to the fact that our flight got delayed from 2:30am to 5:15am and we only found out about it at the airport :( and it caused us to miss our connecting flight and hence mum and I had to stay overnight at Doha for one night before taking the next morning flight to Edinburgh! Im so thankful that I wasn't flying alone though because I wouldn't have been able to go through all that myself and deal with the checking-in to the hotel, contacting the hotel in Edinburgh that we were supposedly staying in and also informing the travel insurance people : all whilst staying calm. ( yay mummy just came back with water and a 1 litre bottle costs $7.50 SGD?? MAD )

Just a little bit of how I spent my last day in Singapore :

Met Boris for lunch at Curious Palette, I had the Beetroot salad which was so refreshing and flavourful, Boris had the Ricotta hotcakes and we shared the truffled sweet potato fries. The fries were so worth it for $15 as the portion was huge!

I absolutely love the atmosphere at this cafe and would definitely be coming back here more in the future! (in 10 months time I just realised :( ) The staff here are really friendly as well and they were efficient in their service and it just makes the whole dining experience so much more pleasant (:

After that, I went to Cocoa Colony in Star Vista to meet Claire and KK 

White Chocolate Cocoa Bola - you have to smash & drizzle it with chocolate before digging in!

I ordered the Hazelnut Cocoa and the staff very kindly agreed to change the milk to soy milk instead for me with no extra charge :) and the drink was amazing! Though the soy flavouring was rather strong, I really enjoyed it that way as there wasn't that ultra-rich chocolate flavour that would've made it too sickly to finish it. It was rather pricy at $7 but I feel that it's definitely worth coming back for more! 

I then did the most last minute thing of printing photos for my room in uni and I couldn't have been happier about the fact that I did. I just looked through all of the photos and ahhhh it just makes me smile so much recalling all of the wonderful memories

Then headed to the airport :( 

Wendy! Was so surprised she came!


Jian Hong and Gloria 

St.Nicks charity crew!!




The other Nat hahaha

I just want to laugh at this photo HA. LOVEUJIE

Received so much love at the airport last night and also the past week, meeting up with friends and receiving so many sweet messages, well wishes and gifts! I am eternally grateful for the many lovely people that surround me and they will be dearly missed! But I just wish I could feel something. I feel so guilty for not feeling sad when I bid goodbye to my friends and family. It just really hasn't hit me yet despite the constant reminder to myself that I am studying abroad. WHYYYY OH WHYYY!! IM SO FRUSTRATED. I keep questioning myself months leading up to this day and even now when I'm already halfway into my journey - STILL NO SAD FEELINGS. But I was just snapchat-ing Annmarie and I asked her about how she felt when she left and she said that till now (it has been 6 months), it still hasn't hit her yet that she has migrated! She just feels like she's on an extended holiday, so in a sense that comforted me that I'm not feeling alone in this situation. Oh I just hope that I wont be feeling so numb.

On a more positive note, I'm looking forward to Indian dinner that will probably have a lavish spread of vegan food for me to eat!



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