• Jasmine Hussain

To Hogwarts we went!

The day started with me panicking because after sleeping for "5 more minutes" after my 7am alarm went off, I woke up at 7:30 instead and had to get ready in 15 mins as the bus was coming to pick us up then! But all was good and I managed to make it in time:) 

Saturday was the day of exploring! We went to Alnwick Castle where they filmed the first 2 films of Harry Potter!! We had a little film tour of the area and the guide was telling us which specific scene was filmed at which area and it just made me want to watch the film again and go " OMG I WAS JUST THERE!!" Downton Abbey was filmed here as well along with a couple other films but I think Harry Potter is still the coolest one of them all 

This arch was the entrance to Hogwarts!! 

We had a broomstick flying lesson but it started to rain 5 mins into the lesson so we all had to stay indoors :( But we managed to take a couple of shots with the brooms when the rain stopped!

The castle was absolutely stunning :')

It was freezing at Alnwick Castle as it was raining and slightly windy! and I keep forgetting that I do own a pair of gloves which is so bad because my fingers were literally numb :( But despite the cold, we still had a great time and I would say it's definitely worth a visit!

We then had a 1hr bus ride to Newcastle! I loved the atmosphere here, it feels more like London than Edinburgh does! and what was great was that THE SUN WAS OUT!! Though it was still freezing at least the sun helped a little 

The architecture here is so beautiful! 

We went to Chinatown for lunch!! I was so incredibly happy to finally have some white fluffy Chinese rice unlike the thin rice served in the JMCC (cafeteria in pollocks)

Me, Zen, Beverly, Tessa!

After going back to the bus at 4:45pm, we had a long 1.5 hour bus ride back to Edinburgh. I love long bus rides when you can just chill, listen to music, look out the window, sleep and think about life hahah After getting a neck ache from my head continuously bobbing and rolling around as I was sleeping, I decided to just look out the window and enjoy the scenery and I managed to catch the sunset! 

After getting back to Pollocks, we all left for Kampong Ali - a Malaysian and Singaporean restaurant for Beverly's birthday dinner! ASIAN FOOD AGAIN and I had another bowl of fluffy white rice!! hehe I was soooo happy :):) even though I spent quite a bit of money eating out that day it was all worth it! 

This was the best Saturday I've had here yet :') 


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