• Jasmine Hussain

We had no water for an hour

Just two days ago, for some strange reason there was no water running from the kitchen sink or from the shower for about an hour in the morning. However, we were lucky enough that the bathroom sink still had running water - I am not sure how these water pipes are connected in the building but that was just the case. Anyway, I remember thinking ' thank goodness I still have half my bottle filled with water so that I can drink'. I was also lucky because I had just come back from yoga and took a shower at the studio - I would've definitely taken this water situation more seriously (and perhaps angrily) if I hadn't because boy was I sweaty. I then decided to put a wash on and then realised after that there was no water in the washing machine either.

It was a situation like this that made me realise how many things we take for granted everyday - in this case, water. Everyday, I go to the kitchen at any point in the day, expecting there to be water and being able to drink water whenever I want. I take a shower whenever I want, wash my hands whenever needed and wash a load of laundry whenever necessary. All these mundane everyday actions just come so naturally to us that we don't really take a moment to realise how privileged we are to be able to do these things with such ease and flexibility. I understand that standard of living is all relative and we can't be beating ourselves up over inequalities everyday when we take a shower knowing that millions of people do not have access to water let alone have water heated to an ideal temperature for your shower. But I am not saying that we should do that - all I am saying is that we should take a moment just to be thankful and appreciate all that we have.

This is just a reminder to myself that the next time I am about to complain about the shower pressure being rubbish or having to stand in the tub waiting for the erratic water we sometimes have at the flat (going from extreme hot to extreme cold in a minute) to return to an ideal temperature, that not everyone can experience these 'pains' of everyday life and that these 'pains' are a reminder of just how privileged we are.



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