• Jasmine Hussain

Week after Bhutan

Went to NTU to visit Bianca and Rgoh!! We had lunch together, painted, talked and most importantly went on tao bao and got amazed by how cheap everything was hahaha and ofc took some pics before Bincs had to go for class and I had to go for ballet! 

Had lunch with Zoea the next day at Jurong Point (hooray for traveling to the end of the world 2 days in a row!! hahaha but tbh the journey is not that bad??) This little human being really has such a huge heart!! :') 

My absolute fav home-made granola!! The recipe is from the Thug Kitchen and the dry ingredients just consists of oats, quinoa and nuts whilst the wet ingredients consists of maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla extract! 

This is the best cereal combination yet - Nutrigrain, the granola that I made and rice milk!! 

Had dinner at Yu Shen's with JC classmates! Well really just 6 of us cos Jia Jun left earlier hahah but it was a nice catch up with them :) also went to Botanic gardens to hunt Pokemon with David, Chris and Boris after (not me cos I don't play iPhone games) and it was really quite comical seeing so many people just camping out there/walking around at 10pm at night playing the game! 

Another dragonfruit nice cream bowl! See, told you I could never get bored of this

Met my gf Claire for dinner!! Was supposed to meet JX too but he mixed up the dates and couldn't turn up (he basically just didn't respond to our texts as he did not have his phone in camp and then finally replied the next afternoon apologizing for mixing up the dates hahah) but it was so nice just having quality time with Claire hehe :') 

Lunch at LingZhi in Velocity w Mum and Justina after rehearsals! It's a vegetarian restaurant run by Tong Lok hence the slightly higher prices, but the food was quite good! 



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