• Jasmine Hussain

Windermere (2) '17

The next morning, we headed out on our bikes for more exploring and ended up cycling through a part of town that was solely for private property and all the houses were super fancy and grand. Some even had their own dock for private boats!☺

Super cool vintage car!

This is what I meant by houses with private docks! Don't they look lovely :')

My camera was placed on one of those traffic poles that you pull out from the ground to act as a barricade (hope you get what I mean)

I could never  currently can't master this skill but I will one day!!

It hailed on several occasions the day before this and even snowed in the late afternoon and I suppose it continued to snow through the night to have resulted in these snow capped hills!! Thank goodness for clear skies which allowed us to appreciate this beauty!

Stopped by a shed to get a cheeky veggie burger 

Ta-da! It was yummmz

We then took the ferry to get to Ambleside (right across the river in about 5 mins) and went to Hawkshead and Claife - the view from here was stunning 


*more gasps*

Back to Jintana for lunch!

I had a red curry with vegetables and tofu with Jasmine rice

And Topo had a pad thai..

with veggie spring rolls!

After lunch, we returned our bikes and as we were waiting for Gordon (the man in charge of cycle centre) to come to get our bikes, we headed into Booths (a really fancy and huge supermarket, like M&S but better) to aisle-shop and I found whole wheat flour!!!!!! I have been on the hunt for this since year 2 started and could never find them anywhere, or for crazy prices on Amazon - and so I grabbed 2 bags of it (2kgs hehe) for just £2.40 each! We also got alpro soy vanilla milk which we had later that evening with cereal and it was divineeeee ☺

The next morning, we woke up at 6:30am to get our 8:22am train from Oxenholme back to Edinburgh! If you were wondering why we had to wake up that early, it was because it took us 30 mins to walk to Windermere station, to then get the train from Windermere for 20 mins to Oxenholme. 

I was so impressed by our time management and we successfully made it on the train back home and it was the best train ride I have ever taken because we were surrounded by endless fields of pastures and hills covered in snow so white that it made the sheep look dirty :')

We were hoping to return to a snowy Edinburgh but unfortunately that was not the case :( 

As I arrived home and entered my room, I felt a wave of 'oh it feels so good to be back' and I hadn't realised how much I missed my room and how much comfort it gave me. I'm so glad it does because it means that I truly can call it my home ☺

✨ I will be back again Lake District! You were amazing! ✨



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