• Jasmine Hussain

Working in Harrods

My 2 weeks work experience at Harrods was amazing! 

I really learnt so much here and I absolutely love customer service 

I was not sure if I would be given a uniform and so I went work appropriate clothes hunting before work started - but in the end I was given a uniform and transitioned from left to right

Just a little sneak peak of the bakery section where I worked at in the first week :) 

In the second week, I worked in the Traiteur section which is the deli section - they had a whole array of cooked food like fish cakes, pies, terrines, beef wellington, salmon, lasagnes, mac and cheese etc. 

Even though I was serving meat, I still did enjoy working here and there was so much more to do as I had to weigh and package everything, and interact a lot more with the customers as compared to the bakery section which was self-service 

My colleagues at both the Bakery and the Traiteur were all so lovely, everyone was so friendly and made me feel so welcomed. I could already feel their family spirit in just the first few hours of working on the shop floor and I have honestly not met a group of people who all love each other and work so well together - it was a privilege working alongside them

I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work in the best department store in the world!!! Apparently they need temporary staff during the Christmas period so hopefully I'll get to do that this Christmas :) and get paid this time ! 

* I also saw Michael Caine!!! (he's Alfred in the Dark Knight) hehe *



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