Eco-friendly swaps

Before swapping out your products, make sure you use up existing products first! There is no point throwing away existing products - this only generates more waste, including your hard earned money. 

  • Swap out pump bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body soap for soap bars instead. Make sure to get soap bars that come in biodegradable, recyclable or preferably no packaging at all! I personally use products from LUSH and The Body Shop as they are vegan and am still using a conditioner bottle I purchased a long while back before making the transition to a conditioner bar. For hand soap, I get them at my local bulk food store that stocks them in no packaging whatsoever! 

  • Swap for a deodorant bar if possible (again I use ones from LUSH that work well for me). Not only are deodorant bars sustainable in terms of packaging, they are sustainable in terms zero harmful aerosol emissions, which come with most deodorant sprays. However, if you are unable to get your hands on a package-free item, search for products that come in recyclable packaging, such as this deodorant stick from The Sustainability Project

  • For makeup, I am still going through products that I have on me - eyeliner, brow pencil, lipstick. As such, I have not found plastic-free alternatives yet. However, Sedona Christina has a whole video on her plastic-free makeup routine

  • As for makeup removers, try to get them in recyclable packaging. I love this one from the Body Shop and it goes an extremely long way. Alternatively, you can easily use coconut oil, which comes in a glass jar, hooray! I personally find oil-based removers to last far longer than liquid-based ones - an added plus for the environment!

  • Swap out cotton wool for reusable cotton rounds to wipe off your makeup - you can also DIY these by cutting up old t-shirts

  • Swap out your disposable plastic razor for a stainless steel one 

  • Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a Bamboo one

  • Use toothpaste tablets or powder instead of common toothpaste packaged in plastic tubes. I will try making my own toothpaste in the future but as for now, I use toothytabs from LUSH and they are my favorite minimal-waste toothpaste alternative. 

  • Opt for biodegradable loofahs if you use a scrub in the shower!

  • Swap out pads and tampons for Menstrual cups! If you were to switch out just one toiletry item, this is the one! Not only are you saving a ton of plastic waste, you’re saving money with just a one time purchase! This alternative is also better for your health as many pads and tampons are chemically bleached. I use the Organi cup but there are many alternatives out there (e.g. Moon cup, Dive Cup, Lunette etc.)